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Range to target 800m

4 usd

This app is designed for hunters, tourists and travelers.The app allows you to measure the distance to the target by its height.If the target is far away, you can zoom in the picture and measure the distance more accurately.For quick select target, available the collection is for hunting purposes. Changing height of target.
Interface for left-handed or right-handed.Cursor control is possible with one or two fingers.
To calibrate, for example, set the object height 20 -50 cm at a distance of 2 to 5 meters.Go to the menu "calibration", enter the distance and height, as well as units. measurement. Next, click on the "Calibrate" and confirm.Step 1. Point the camera at the subject and the cursor-frame mark the height of the object on the screen. Click Next.Calibration is complete.Calibration accuracy depends on the accuracy of the height and distance of the calibration object.